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At Bereavement Counselling on Wheels we provide individual and family  counselling in the comfort of your own home or at our office, as well as over the phone or via virtual online. Please call to discuss your personal situation or send us a message from the CONTACT page.  

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Grief is a reaction to a significant loss.

Grief often triggers unhappy and painful emotions. Grieving is a personal process and it differs among families, religions, and cultures. Some individuals may express their sorrow openly, while others may choose to do so in private.


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There are varying levels of grief

One of the most common forms is unresolved grief. According to the National Association for Mental Health in the UK, you are more likely to have a difficult grieving process if:

• there is a sudden or unexpected death due to suicide

• more than one death at once (for example, in an accident, natural disaster)

• the death of an absent or estranged parent, sibling or other family member

• miscarriage or the death of a baby

• the person goes missing or it isn't clear exactly what happened

• you are on your own with no support from your community, family or friends

• you have unresolved issues with the person who died

• you are unable to attend the funeral or there isn't one

• deaths where the bereaved may be responsible

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• Ontario Association of Social Workers

• Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers

At Bereavement Counselling on Wheels

we are here to listen, to help you process your feelings, and to provide you with strategies to deal with your grief and unresolved feelings. Our services are available to all individuals regardless of your gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

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